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Fine Thin Hair

Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair

Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair round cut for fine thin hair


Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair  -- The Round Hair Cuts for Fine Thin Hair is a technique to impart maximum volume to hair. We first learned this technique in a Framesi Italian Style hair cutting class. Just like every other hair style it is done intentionally and requires some thought, planning, and determination & concentration on the part of the haircutter. If you explain to your client exactly what you are doing to give them a round hair cut, while you are doing it, they will remember and come back and ask you to do it again. The customer has learned the difference and can tell the difference. Once a person with fine thin hair has experienced a round hair cut - they know they like the results.

Simply put the Round Hair- Cuts Fine Thin Hair - combs the hair so it is perpendicular to the head before it is cut. This sound easy but unlike other haircuts (which requires a each section  be cut not in a single cut) the round hair cut requires a series of smaller cuts. (Your hair cutter may call it by a different name - like the perpendicular cut.)

Round Hair Cut | framesi italian styleBefore cutting each time the hands are adjusted to insure that

  • A)- the hair is perpendicular to the head and

  • B)- that the hair is cut to match the previous section. 

  • C)- can be cut short (as shown on the right at 1.75") or longer (not shown)

This is definitely not he way a "normal" hair cut is accomplished, so it takes considerable thought and concentration until the technique becomes part of the "muscle memory" required to accomplish the end results efficiently.  Now the bad news - as a hairstylist, if you don't do the Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair "for a while" you will have to re-train yourself! Using every day "normal" haircutting techniques can "un-train" your hands and thought process so the Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair technique is something that is easily lost and forgotten, just because 1)- it is not used on a regular basis, 2)- your shears are designed to cut longer straight lines instead of round curved lines,  3)- it is different than all the other techniques because it require great many small cuts and adjustments and 4)- when you are not doing it every day, it also requires a higher level of concentration and effort to force yourself to change your normal cutting habits, from one single cut to a series of smaller cuts & adjustments.

These images need to be re-drawn to show all the lines  perpendicular to the scalp and rounder lines

Top left - the hair  nearest the nose is not quite perpendicular enough to the scalp

#6 = top right is showing the place where the round hair cut begins - the area "B"  shows a blend to the design line - so the fine-thin hair does not get so thin you can see through it at the edges.

bottom right - shows too few cuts -it illustrates 4 straight lines  - instead of a series of smaller cuts resulting in a round line as shown in the top center picture. Try to avoid getting the results as shown on the bottom right picture. Work to obtain the the outcome shown in the top center picture.

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Round Hair Cuts Fine Thin Hair
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