Oreo Cookie Mousse Trick


Oreo Cookie Mousse Trick

Oreo Cookie Mousse Trick oreo cookie mousse trick


oreo cookie mousse trick | By Framesi Mousse StrongOreo Cookie Mousse Trick  --  How to control the "frizzies" using mousse with the "Oreo-Cookie Mousse Trick."  The idea is simple. Mousse comes out "wet"  and it also adds a little hold or set to hair. So if you let some mousse foam up in the palm of your hand the squish it to make and Oreo-Cookie with the mousse in the center and your hands as the cookie. Now pull your hands apart so some of the "mousse-filling " stays on each hand. Look in the mirror and move your hands toward the frizzy  ends of your hair, until the mousse (white) is picked up, and can be seen clinging to the frizzy ends of your hair.oreo cookie mousse trick | By Framesi Mousse Light


Framesi Trend Release 2010  The  idea is to re-wet the "frizzy ends only" using the wet mousse, then pinch the white mousse on the frizzy ends to bring the frizz under control - giving your curl definition with the frizz.


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Oreo Cookie Mousse Trick
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