Fine Hair Characteristics

Fine Hair Characteristics

Fine Hair Characteristics fine hair characteristics


Fine Hair Characteristics   -- you can "comb that curl right out of your hair!" If you have fine hair, you can tell because: 

  • when you get a curly perm in you hair and it does not go away but stays in tight ringlets forever?

  • when you get a body perm --- it disappears in 3 or 4 days? (see Fine Hair Perms That Work)

When talking about fine hair and perms, we used to stop right there - but there is more.  When you have fine hair (it does not matter if it is naturally curly or permed) you can "comb that curl - or wave - right out of your hair!"

  • Here is the first fine hair characteristic - while your hair is still thoroughly wet comb it straight down. With fine wavy or curly hair you can comb it straight, just by running a comb through the wet hair.

  • Here is the second fine hair characteristic - now lift up on the "straight hair from test #1  and "scruntch" or squeeze the curl back into your hair - bingo - the curl comes back

  • Here is the third fine hair characteristic - you don't have to comb your hair at all to get the wave to go away - the force of the air from your blow dryer can take the wave or curl right out of your hair all by itself.

  • simply put the cross sectional diameter of the hair is just too small to fight the straightening effects of normal combing and blow drying. Your hair is fine (just the way it should be) even though it is fine (skinny in diameter). So you have to work a little smarter when you don't want to automatically straighten you hair.

While the outside of layer of fine hair may be "dense-packed" or "tightly packed" the small diameter and of the  hair changes the structural characteristics significantly. To keep curl in permed hair you may need a diffuser to reduce the speed of the air flow from you blow dryer.

We think of hair as having two types of bonds involved inside the hair itself. The weaker of the 2 bonds is the cross-link bond, which you can  change by having your hair permed. You see it is weaker but it is there permanently. Think of the cross link bonds as being like like the stars. (The stars only come out when it is dark. The stars are there all day but the light from the many distant stars is overpowered by the brighter light from the closer star, the sun.) It's the same with the cross link bonds in you hair. They are always there just hidden. The stronger of the hair bonds, is the water bond (or salt bond), which are re-set every time your hair goes from wet to dry. When you fine hair is wet the water bonds are gone, so you are just dealing with the "perm or natural" cross link bonds inside of your hair. When the hair dries the water bonds take over (to continue the metaphor, the sun comes out).

  • When you want your fine hair to remain curly, you want the water bonds to reinforce the the curl bonds.

  • When you want your hair straight you want the water bonds to overpower the cross bonds inside of your hair shaft

To maintain curl in fine hair first lift the hair up - to remove the weight from the hair , then scrunch the curl back into the hair. If you use a "soft styler" while scrunching your hair, you can actually dry the hair so the the water bonds reinforce the cross internal cross link bonds, while they are in the curly position.

As with all fine hair - there is only s much you can do to get your hair to help itself (get the right haircut, learn the right drying techniques) - then you need to start adding hair helpers (styling aids or styling products) to the the outside of your hair or do some  Deep Conditioning to add Body and Volume from the inside and outside of your hair at the same time. Finally you can use styling tools (rollers, pin-curls, flat irons or curling irons) to do the rest.

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Fine Hair Characteristics
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