Deep Conditioning to
add Body and Volume
to Fine Thin Hair

Deep Conditioning to add Body and Volume to Fine Thin Hair

Deep Conditioning to add Body and Volume
to Fine Thin Hair
deep conditioning to add body and volume to fine thin hair

Deep Conditioning to add Body and Volume to Fine Thin Hair  -- Few folks know that Deep Conditioning you hair can add both Volume and Body. Don't confuse the  SMOOTH and SOFT feeling you hair will have after deep conditioning with "lacks body." You can deep condition and get smooth, soft hair with body & volume.

Lanza Ultimate Treatment KitThe problem with deep conditioning for volume, centers around "word confusion!"  The tricky words  here are "feels" and "soft and smooth."  Feels can be an emotion yet, in hairstyling, feels is what happens when you run you finger through you hair to see how it literally "feels" between your fingers. Answering the question "What condition is my hair in?"

You hair can feel smooth (soft) between you fingers and still have lots of body and volume. But emotionally, if you hair doesn't "feel scratchy,"  doesn't "feels dry" or doesn't "feels non-bendy" YOU MAY FEEL (in your mind) that your hair  LACKS BODY, you say it "feels soft." In reality the scratchy, dry, non-bendy feeling between you fingers indicates both a rough surface and a definite need for moisture and smoothness. Scratchy to you fingers is NOT an indication that hair your hair is stiff, strong or will have extra body or volume.  

Yet some folks still may "feel emotionally", that soft, smooth, well conditioned hair is "not right." You may be afraid that their hair won't  look right or their hair may "go flat" on your head because your hands are telling you hair is no longer scratchy on your fingers. The response to the "I don't like how it's feeling" often gets confused with the actual strength in the hair itself. Deep conditioning you hair can leave it feeling smooth (soft between you fingers) and at the same time give you lots of strength and volume (lots of body). We promise you, you can have both at the same time. That is exactly what the Lanza Ultimate Treatment can do for your hair.

Lanza Ultimate Treatment! It's a new, in-salon  (and at-home) healing hair treatment that is completely customizable to fit different hair types and needs. It is a treatment system that works for everyone! And the average person gets 80 treatments form one kit!  The in-salon cost is around $35.00 per treatment but it is only around $2.00 per treatment if you do it at home! This three step treatment is a reconstructive service that quickly strengthens and fortifies the hair, providing inner strength and outer beauty to all hair types. This unique treatment takes only five to ten minutes and allows you to adjust each treatment based on your hair type, condition and change since your last treatment. Healing is the foundation for Beautiful Hair!

Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit

How to Use the Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit:
Before you begin, asses your hair type & needs then customize an appropriate formula using the Power Boosters Dosage Chart (below) to determine your ideal prescription.

Step #1 - Cleanse - Purify the Hair with Chelating Shampoo

  • Apply the shampoo to damp hair.
  • Work into an abundant lather, being sure to cleanse the entire hair shaft through the ends to remove any product build-up or mineral deposits.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Step # 2 - Condition - Apply Deep Treatment with Power Boosters

  • Dispense 1 pump of the Deep Treatment (for soft & smooth hair ) into the palm of one hand.
  • Next, add 3 pumps of the  Power Boosters (for body & volume) to the of Deep Treatment & mix together in the palms of your hands.
  • Distribute mixture evenly thoroughly your hair. 
  • Either
    • Leave-in for 3 to 5 minutes or
    • For extremely damaged hair, deep conditioning boost apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes the cool down before rinsing (this requires a heat cap or overhead dryer set on the low heat setting)
  • When the time has elapsed, rinse thoroughly!
Step #3 - Protect - Spray on the Power Protector to seal in nutrients
  • Spray on
  • Comb through, then
  • you now have volume, body & softness in you hair  - all at the same tome.
  • styling as desired

 Power Booster

Hair Type / Need

Fine / Thin Hair
For hair that is fine and/or thin.

1 Pump of the Deep Treatment Plus
1 Pump Strength
2 Pumps Volume

fine thin hair Volume Power Booster  by Lanza

For very fine and/or thin hair that lacks volume.

1 Pump of the Deep Treatment Plus
3 Pumps Volume

Order the Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit

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Deep Conditioning to add Body and Volume to Fine Thin Hair
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