Best Style For Thin Hair

Best Style For Thin Hair

Best Style For Thin Hair best style for thin hair


Best Style For Thin Hair  Just like all other hair styles, the best style for thin hair has eight (8) choices for you to think about:

  1. You fashion choice - when trying to get the best style for thin hair, the hot trends, or current fashion choices, are definitely often out of the question. Some of the new disconnected trends can compensate for thinning areas.
  2. The hair cut itself - this includes all those things you hair stylist can cut into your hair to help you get your thin hair to work well The Round Hair Cuts for Fine Thin Hair  is designed specifically to enhances volume in the areas of a layered hair cut, that normally like to "go flat." This includes the crown of the head, along the part line, and all those areas where the hair is thin.
  3. Making the best use for your hair color, so to give you, the appearance of fuller thicker hair
  4. The styling aids you put on you hair to help you support your thin hair by adding a product to the outside of the hair itself.
  5. The amount of "know-how" you have can reduce time you spend drying, styling and ironing your hair, to get the look you want.
  6. If you hair always lays flat you may need to add curl  - get a perm (see Fine Hair Perms That Work)
  7. If you are experiencing hair loss you should also consider all those things you can do to stop or reverse the hair loss process. (the Products For Hair Loss web site has several suggestions)
  8. Additionally you can always add hair through weaving, extensions, hair pieces that clip in or wigs. These pieces of additional hair help you hide your hair and scalp. For centuries people have been using hair covering like wigs, a bandanas, or a hats. As we are discussing the best style for thin hair our discussion here will not include #8 except for the hair pieces that clip in option, which has its own page.
 Your best style for thin hair will depend a great deal on your choice of hair style and the person cutting your hair. Don't expect miracles. You CAN NOT choose a one length hair style and expect it to be full at the center part. The longer the hair, the more it weighs, and the flatter it is pulled down against your head.

best style for thin hair | girl comb over #!best style for thin hair | girl comb over #2Option #1 Comb you hair to Hide the Hair Loss on top:  Girls, you know the guys have been using a "comb over" to hide baldness for years . The good news is the present tends lend themselves to "the-girl-comb-over" that don't look like a "comb over" at all. Isn't it wonderful how fashion can help - - -  sometimes, and its only good if you like the look! Here are a couple of pictures of the fashion looks that can be converted into a "comb over for thinning hair" as you can see hiding thinning hair on the top isn't a problem with the right hair style. Adding a color accent can draw attention to the color not the thinning.

Option #2 Layer Cut the hair for fullness:  We call this a "Round Cut." The thing here is that first both you and your hair cutter need to know about the "round cut" and secondly you hair cutter has to get the "know-how" form inside their head down to their hands (they have to practice until they get it right). Then you have to practice and use the styling aids, and styling tricks that make this hair cut work for you. These tricks all use the hair at least twice. Once to stand up a the base and once to bend over at the ends, so your hair appears to have both body ad volume, while hiding you scalp.

If you are willing (and if you are NOT thin on the sides but just on the top) we suggest you start with the "round cut" hair cut and learn how to get the most out of you thin hair by using the round layering technique. Then, start growing out the sides while keeping the top in round layers. This leads us to option #3.

best style for thin ahir | rubber band- techniqueOption #3 Combine length on the sides with layering at the top: Here is where you experiment with you round hair cut by letting the sides grow longer (and lay flatter) against you head. Use the longer hair on the sides to frame you face, try the round technique near the crown and along the left and right part lines to increase height and fullness.  Or, if you already have longer hair and want to keep it,  use the rubber-band technique shown in the haircut on the right - to get intentionally uneven-layers.

Option #4 Hair color: Remember you and you hair are both a work of art that consists of shape, form, texture and color. With all color, and particularly with hair color, dark "pulls-in "- & -  light- "pull out!" Yo know because you use this technique every day to highlight you cheek bones The least expensive and the most simple thing to do with thin hair is to lighten some of the hair. This process is called  highlighting. You can do this with a foil highlight or an even less expensive, cap color, highlight.

Option #5 Add a perm:

best style for thin hair | girl comb over + perm + color

When you wrap you hair around a perm rod to make a curl your hair appears shorter. Grade school math teaches that the distance around a circle (the circumference) is  3.14 times greater the the distance across (the diameter). So logically, when you permanently curl you hair you can expect shorter hair with about 3.14 times the covering capacity you would get with your straight hair. (style on the right shows perm, color and cut + "comb-over" or "disconnected hair cut"  working together to "make more hair" This illustration is taken from a Framesi trend release. Obviously this person is not thinning - but the picture is used to illustrate how the combinations could all work together to make this best hair style for thin hair, work for you. )

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Best Style For Thin Hair
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